you are a writer or own your own business, you may be familiar with article sites. Articles sites give writers the opportunity to offer their material to a submission website for free. In turn, the article will receive a lot of promotion from visitors to the site on a daily basis. The author or person who submits the content allows visitors to publish the article on their website free of charge. However, there is one catch. Any one who copies information that you have written must give you credit for the work and include a link to your website if applicable.

Some writers may feel a little hesitant about giving their work away for free but actually this is one of the best ways to promote both your talent and your business to the world. If you spend a couple of hours crafting your content for an article submission site, you will lose a little bit of money that could have been earned from the sale of the article. Fortunately though, your submitted work piece will earn you much more than you ever could have made from a single sale.

At a popular article promotion website such as Article Alley, there are thousands of visitors to the website every day. This means unlimited exposure for your work. If someone has an interest in the topic you have written about, they simply click on the link to read the full text of the article. At the end of the article you include your name, contact information, and website address. If a person really enjoyed your writing or is interested in the information you provided, they will be very tempted to click on the link in your resource box for more details. You now have the chance to attract an endless amount of customers to your website without the use of traditional advertising methods.

There is an added benefit for writers who include a website address in their biography or resource box. Every time a visitor clicks on the link to your website, it increases the amount of incoming traffic. Most of the major search engines rate websites by not only the content they provide but also the number of incoming links going to the site. Many article promotion sites, including Article Alley, receive a high volume of traffic, typically thousands of customers per day. If just fifty people click on your website link, you have greatly increased your traffic through the use of a single article.

Another factor to consider is the number of times your article will be reproduced on the web. For example, let’s imagine that ten customers really enjoyed your article and have posted the content on their own website. Now every time someone visits one of these websites, they have the opportunity to read the content you have written. Better yet, the article will at least include your name and possibly your website address if you included it in the original article posting. By submitting one article for free, you now have your name listed at ten different websites and possibly an additional ten incoming links to your website. This kind of advertising is especially good exposure for a writer. Often times when a client is considering hiring you, they may be interested in what previous online content you have published. By typing your name in a search engine box, they will instantly see the results of all the websites your work is posted at. This can be a great way to gain a clients trust.

Finally, one of the best reasons for offering content to an article submission site is the amount of time it saves you. Think about all the time and energy that is needed to promote your product or service. Some article submission sites, such as Finance Alley and Article Alley, do virtually all of the work in promoting your material. Your article will be advertised not only at these sites upon submission but also through RSS feeds to many other websites. With all the extra time and money you have saved in adverting costs, you can now afford to spend more time actually running your business. Article submission sites actually bring the customers to you.

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